This is who WE are

The Portier Agency Logo

The Portier Agency LLC is a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm committed to expanding and diversifying U.S- Africa bilateral relations.

We are savvy, multi-sector experts skilled in strategic partnership building and collaboration.

We know the geosociopolitical realities within, around, and in between the U.S. and Africa and we are constantly working to advance and adapt our understanding of the shifting nature of international cooperation.

We navigate cultural nuances with ease, creating necessary spaces for interaction within complex environments. 

We are door openers who know that the potential of mutual advancement with African people, with its Diaspora, with its government, and with its economy makes the U.S. and the rest of the world that much better.

This is our mission

The Portier Agency is on a mission to build relations between the U.S. and Africa which connect trusted government, corporate and civil society partners who share inclusive and common interests and goals that mutually support economic, social, and cultural growth.

This is what we do

The Portier Agency specializes in strategy development, program management, and government & external affairs. We service municipal and national governments, corporations, diaspora groups, and non-profit entities.

Leveraging our extensive network of business, political and community leaders within the U.S and Africa, we work with clients who are committed to Africa and its diaspora.

We help alleviate the cultural barriers to connect our clients to unique opportunities.

We work across industries and borders to open doors, solve problems, and achieve optimal success.